Our building company offers optimal choice of the conception of house building taking into consideration required balance of price and quality. Preparation and development of architectural design of your future house or cottage our company will carry itself from the beginning to the end.

Building company in Tajikistan will prepare and provide for every customer full pack of construction documents.

At the beginning of building, without fail, our customers provided by exact schedule of fulfilment of all stages of work. Accurate estimation and planning will be done by the best workers of our building company “Zamin Inshoot”. For the whole cycle of works from directly construction of the house and till inner decoration works our company always have qualified specialists ready to begin work of any difficulty.

Landscape design – it is important direction of work of our building company “Zamin Inshoot”, because it is always pleasant to look through the window and to see beautiful rockery, small waterfall with stream etc.

Compulsory result of our work is always delivery of fully finished house for residence without construction waste or defects, all must be perfectly inside and on the outside of the house.

We aspire to be the best of the best that’s why in our work we use only qualitative construction materials and modern technology. Competent, professional and individual approach to the realization of the project and also correctness and accuracy of the actions of all specialists of the company allow us to perform construction works on the high level.

We examine all the variants of cooperation with our building company

Individual approach to the customer;
Maximum quality for the minimum price;
We afford all kinds of service on the construction;

Internal material and technical basis;
Development of individual unique projects;
Construction of qualitative and comfort accommodation.

And in conclusion some more words about principles of activities of our company on construction service:

Building company “Zamin Inshoot” possesses colossal qualification on rendering constructional service. Technical basis equipped with proper transport, constructional tools, material supplies. Building and decoration work implemented by the first-grade imported materials with the strict technology holding and besides from Russian materials passed obligatory checking and certification. Also our building company implements civil and erection works: splitting-up of main walls and separation partition, discharging of construction materials, building of brick walls, assemblage of constructions, heat insulation, wall and ceiling rehabilitation, cement covering of the floor and production of cupolas and house basis.

Huge meaning in our building company is given to social liability in front of inhabitants of the Republic of Tajikistan, following our predestination – honestly aspire to make Tajikistan much more beautiful and modern. Our company is honest and conscientious in front of dear city. “Zamin Inshoot” finds it as a deal of dignity to improve social conditions of life in those places where we are realizing our construction, our company vigorously works with the society of house owners, realizing rehabilitation of the living accommodations, order observations in the courtyards, children's playgrounds and sports ground.

Yours faithfully, General Director
of building company “Zamin Inshoot”
Shuhrat Hakimov